Shipping elegant long-lived solutions that users love. We are software engineers who love our craft.

 Open Source Software
We believe an open source development style leads to higher quality code. We are active in the open source community. We bring that open source culture with us on our projects.

 Large Scale Solutions
We solve large scale problems, such as building distributed search systems and crafting distributed services architectures. In marketing speak, Big Data.

 Continuous Delivery
We believe in deploying software to production early and continuously so that business value is realized shortly after code is crafted.


We love crafting software and our customers love having solutions in production. We believe the best way to do that is to leverage existing open source solutions, combined with a development approach called continuous delivery.

We have had wonderful experiences shipping open source search solutions based on some awesome projects at the Apache Software Foundation, like Apache Hadoop, Lucene, and Blur.

We encourage all of our clients to pursue a continuous delivery model, wherein each small increment of potential business value passes through a deployment pipeline of increasing rigor on its way to production. We believe this model maximizes business value, reduces project risk, and evokes happiness in both developers and users. Experience in doing so has relied heavily on open source projects such as git, Jenkins, and Puppet.




Why do you want us on your team?

Great question, here are some considerations. We…

  • are active in the open source community. For example, our team includes:
    • a Member of the Apache Software Foundation
    • a mentor, committer and PMC Member in Apache Blur
    • the Vice President of Apache Labs
  • designed and shipped a client’s second largest search solution using Apache Hadoop and Apache Blur.
  • founded a client’s third largest search solution using Apache Lucene.
  • founded and designed a client’s largest content filtering project using Apache Lucene, Scala, and Akka.
  • designed and shipped a client’s second largest data analytics/correlation platform.
  • designed a services architecture upon which all services supporting a client’s major analytic platform exists.

If you have questions or want more details, contact us.

Join Us

We love talented developers who love to learn and grow in their craft. If these describe you, contact us:

  • I love going to conferences and expanding my toolbox
  • I care about my team enough to give them good frank feedback, accepting the same
  • After I code it, I always look for ways to improve it
  • I understand ‘can you get it done by X?’ really means, ‘can you get it done by X [in a professional way, with disciplined engineering]?’
  • I get the chills when I hear of developers using vi in production
  • I care about people less fortunate
  • Rarely does a day go by that I’m not in awe of the Unix pipes and filters architecture.

We believe people are at their best when they’re not worried about medical, leave, financial, or other benefit-related issues. So, our benefits… well, rock.

About Us

We endeavor to ship goodness beyond our code. Founded, humbly, by Tim Williams.

We are a company of developers, by developers, and for developers. In short, we ♥ developers.

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